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There is something very special about a piece of furniture that has been made specially for you. Everything about it has been done just the way you want, from the wood choice to the final finish, this is truly custom-made.

If you can’t wait for something to be custom made, why not browse the pieces we have that are ready to go?


Tim Richardson has been passionate about wood and woodwork from a young age and has developed a diverse range of skills over the years. His creativity and desire for perfection are evidenced by every piece of work that is produced in his workshop and, for him, the ultimate satisfaction is to stand back and admire something that he created from a few pieces of raw timber.

Client Feedback

"The craftsmanship and attention to detail is excellent. My bar came out exactly as I wanted and every time people sit around it we get great feedback on the quality and design."
Rolf Ronander. Bryanston Resident.

"He had delivered a design beyond our expectation – with quality workmanship and exceptional attention to detail."
Kevin Uren. Wicked Imports (PTY) Ltd

"His attention to detail is meticulous and his understanding of what I want is always on point. I have recommended him to various other interior designers and always have positive feedback from his work done."
Chloe Snyders. T&Co Fabrics.

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